Why Should Customers Migrate From Magento 1.X Edition to Magento 2.X Edition?

“Race cannot be won by accelerating in top gear, but it can be won by alteration the accessory at the appropriate time. Timely decisions in activity can advice win the chase of life.” The aforementioned holds accurate for the business too. Change is acceptable and if it comes to advice technology; it becomes acute to accumulate clip with the arising techniques about the globe. Magento 2.x is one such technology which is accepting acceptance nowadays. With endless of amazing features, Magento 2.x was launched in June 2015. Convenient back-end UI, adjustable architecture, and the checkout action are some of the outstanding appearance of this new copy of Magento, which are avaricious the absorption of abundance owners. Magento 2.x is declared to augment the e-commerce acquaintance for both barter and admins. To apperceive added about why Magento 2.x is far bigger than Magento 1.x and how can it advice your business, apprehend on.

What Appearance Accomplish Magento 2.x Added Able Than Magento 1.x?

1. Integrates Modern Technology

Performance has consistently been one of the above issues that abundance owners encountered on Magento 1.x. Here is how Magento 2.x resolves this issue:

  • For application Magento 2.x, abundance owners charge not install third party’s bore on the server.
  • Magento 2.x helps enhance the acceleration of the web food as it supports the latest versions of PHP (from PHP 5.5x to PHP7) which already accept aegis fixes.
  • In Magento 1.x, images are appropriate to be optimized manually, but in Magento 2.x, there are some built-in accoutrement through which, images can be optimized anon on the server.
  • The audience are not declared to accomplish abounding browser’s operations because Magento 2.x has arranged and minimized JavaScript.

2. Responsive Admin Panel

The Admin Panel of Magento 2.x has got some amazing improvements. In allegory to Magento 1.x, it is added acute and user-friendly.

  • Advice search, abundance management, and aeronautics to all locations of Admin Panel are absolutely easy-breezy in Magento 2.x.
  • Uploading new articles is easier with Magento 2.x. Forth with images and description; you can aswell upload videos of the product. Magento 1.x lacks this feature.
  • You can accumulate clue of the accepted cachet of your business by ecology the endure and top Seek Terms, Endure Orders, Average Order, and Endure Seek Terms displayed on the Dashboard of Magento 2.x. The new copy aswell allows you accumulate the almanac of accepted orderrs and customers, Shipping and Quantity, and Revenue Tax.
  • With Magento 2.x, you can add or abolish the columns on the chump administration or orders filigree at your own, after gluttonous the advice of the developer.
  • Magento 2.x has avant-garde agreeable staging.
  • Faster and bigger acceptation of artefact data.
  • “Data Migration Tool” enables fast alteration of Magento 1.x abstracts to Magento 2.x.
  • The new Marketing area contains acclaimed accoutrement from Magento 1 like SEO & Search, Communications, User Content, and Promotions.

3. Seek Engine Optimization and Security

From the angle of SEO and security, Magento 2.x outshines Magento 1.x.

  • Magento 2.x has adherent hashing algorithms for passwords.
  • Rich snippets on the archive pages advantage up seek aftereffect in the seek engines.

4. Bigger Fronted Performance

  • The new Luma affair of Magento 2.x appears far bigger than the absence affair of Magento 1.x.
  • Users can calmly admission the abundance via any adaptable or desktop device.
  • Setting the Guest Checkout affection to ‘yes’ in the Admin Panel will accomplish it simple for the users to navigate. Moreover, Magento 2.x can automatically seek the absolute registered barter by analytical their email address.
  • In adjustment to appearance the primary content, the website visitors will not accept to adhere about for the accomplished page to load.
  • Magento 2.x has checkout action that allows barter to actualize an annual on the checkout success page, appropriately simplifying the allotment process.

5. Split Database Achievement Solution (Enterprise Copy Only)

For altered anatomic areas, Magento 2 uses three abstracted adept databases for checkout, orders, and artefact data. This helps enhance the scalability and achievement of the website. However, this affection is accessible in Magento EE (Enterprise Edition) only. In Magento CE (Community Edition), alone one database is used.

How Can Magento 2.x Be Beneficial For Your Business?

If you wish to advance the achievement of your store, you have to advance on Magento 2.x. Let’s altercate in detail how this new copy of Magento can accumulate advantages for your business.

1. Bigger Productivity

Magento 2.x can yield your business to new heights by absolution you administer your abundance added efficiently. Magento 2.x comes with new Admin Panel Design that provides an interface to your site. With the addition of Visual Design Editor, you can calmly blocks and containers even if you don’t acquire specialized abstruse knowledge.

2. Enhanced Scalability

Magento 2.x appearance bigger indexes with added able updates. It accelerates the affair speed, ultimately convalescent the achievement of your store. To abate server amount and acceleration up page load, Magento 2.x is chip with Varnish Cache. Furthermore, several admin users can actualize and adapt articles simultaneously, after any affair of abstracts conflicts.

3. Bigger About-face Rate

Magento 2.x offers an cutting arcade acquaintance to the users. It enables you to affectation your articles forth with their images, description, and videos. Users can browse your website application any accessory (PC, tablets, or smartphone). The checkout action added helps the abundance owners advance about-face rates.

4. Cost-Effective and Effortless Upgradation

Magento 2.x includes adapted advice on versioning behavior and advancement compatibility. Hence, besides ameliorating amount Magento software, installing and advance extensions in Magento 2.x will aswell be abundant simpler as compared to Magento 2.x. With the export/import functionality of Magento 2.x, you can consign your account data, chump data, artefact catalog, chump records, and added records, and again acceptation them into Magento 2.x.

5. Easier and Faster Affair Customization

In the affair core, Magento 2.x makes use of its own CSS and LESS, instead of Bootstrap. Moreover, it supports CSS preprocessing which speeds up page load, boosts up the performance, and makes the arrangement seek engine friendly.


It will be a abundant accommodation if you drift from Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x as it’ll advice you get advantageous allotment on your investment. Magento will abutment Magento 1.x until November 2018. Since the absolute workforce of Magento is absorption on the advance and development of Magento 2.x, no new appearance or improvements for Magento 1.x are anticipated. Magento 2.x is absolutely traveling to be a huge belvedere for Magento Developers as able-bodied as merchants. Appearance like multi-warehouse support, account enhancements for Admin Panel, new seek capability, bigger examination functionality, and achievement and scalability updates accomplish the approaching of Magento 2.x promising.

Future of E-Commerce and Delivery Systems

The Asia-Pacific arena has apparent an online bang over the accomplished decade, decidedly in e-commerce.

In fact, this allotment of the apple in fact has the better online bazaar globally and top levels of advance in the e-commerce market, India has had a lot to do with this.

According to the experts, India’s absolute online sales are anticipation to beat $100 billion in 2020, putting us in top three worldwide.

E-commerce has been the better game-changer for the Indian abridgement and it continues to advance as we apace embrace avant-garde technologies. Several aspects such as abounding arrangement of inventory, comfort, service, abounding offers, cash-on-delivery, chargeless freight, seamless acknowledgment procedures, reliable and acceptable purchasing system, affiliated with assisting offers accept amorphous the beginning of online purchasing in our country. According to a account by Google and Forrester Consulting, a bulk of online shoppers will about amateur 2020, with over 50 actor beginning barter ascent from bank I and bank II cities.

The nation has been benumbed on the e-commerce billow due to abundant internet assimilation backed with reasonable abstracts archive and simple availability of smartphones. The approaching years will beam breath-taking analysis in e-commerce and backpack alternating apprehensible and absorbing arcade adventures.

The acceleration of Private labels: All the top e-commerce giants will acquaint their claimed brands. They will activate bearing their own merchandises and advertise them aggressively aural their aperture while accompanying exchanging added brands.

Mobility: Anniversary person, who is added a accessible buyer, wants to achieve tasks on the run! From allowance account bills to affairs aliment or clothes, anniversary job can be managed online.

With Smartphones and added handheld accessories administering the tech society, e-commerce owners are advertent it appealing able to beset mobility. Simply put, advancement is steadily acceptable to be an acutely cogent aspect of e-commerce.

Automation: Advancement trends can drive to able automation of assorted methods. Members in the e-commerce belvedere can acquiesce automated transaction options, billing, and publicity to their clients. Highly adorable and beauteous apps are aswell of absolute significance, as they animate and advance on-the-go operations like never before!

Technology: Every amateur in the business will attack to go advanced the standards and aftermath a acclaimed identification for themselves by steadily accretion newer and greater account which will added admission client interface and experience.

Acquiring new technology: Every amateur in the business will attack to go advanced the standards and aftermath a acclaimed identification for themselves by steadily accretion newer and greater account which will added admission client interface and experience.

Drone Delivery: Organisations accept connected alive their way about to ad-lib the supply adjustment to abate animal activity as able-bodied as time. The band-aid to these difficulties is Supply by Drones. DGCA is now fast tracking the action of announcement guidelines for the use of drones for civilian purposes in India. If aggregate works as per the plan, again India ability become the aboriginal nation in the apple to accede the use of drones for civilian purposes.

Artificial Intelligence: As the e-commerce breadth becomes saturated, investors analytic for avant-garde appliance of technology are zeroing in on corporations developing bogus intelligence (AI) solutions.

So what’s now?

There’s no suspicion that companies of all areas can appreciably account from acquirement admission and abundance advance with an online proximity, but there still appears to be a agnosticism by the majority to absolutely beset it. There is still a absolute abridgement of ability of these interests and apropos apropos the bulk of ambience up and connected accustomed cost.

With the all-encompassing use of amusing networking sites and buyers accepting information, guidance, and suggestions throughout their networks, Indian buyers attain to admission big accumulation from online procuring. It’s never added been quicker or easier to analyze for article advice and admission a added ambit of data, bigger artefact choices and lower prices.

Accelerated addendum will see obstacles to online bartering abatement over time for assorted companies and consumers. With a growing bulk of firms acceptance abetment to retailers to set up an online presence, it will anon become a no-brainer.

Users are now experiencing the adaptable internet and authoritative acquisitions on their Smartphones. Local retailers attain to admission improvements in profits with an online adjacency and will ache if not able to accommodated the antagonism from adopted producers.